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Why the Marketing of Professional Services is Different

The marketing of professional services is dramatically different from other products or services. It is psychological and much more personal. Traditional marketing and sales models characterize the purchase process as a special form of rational decision-making or problem-solving. It follows a sequence like: establish credentials, uncover needs, explore implications, propose... READ ARTICLE

The Future of Professional Services Marketing

The future of professional service marketing and the industry it serves will be radically different in ten years. Changing clients' demands, employee expectations, and rapid technological developments are just a few of the factors that will create a far different future for business-to-business services firms. Ultimately, these factors, with technology... READ ARTICLE

When to outsource your marketing is a key consideration for many business to business organizations.

When to Outsource Your Marketing

If, or when to outsource your marketing is probably on your mind these days. You're probably used to having a large measure of control over your business, and that's probably how you like it. Keeping business functions in-house puts you in the driver's seat and ensures that everything gets done... READ ARTICLE

How To Write a Winning Proposal

If you want to learn how to write a winning proposal, you are in the right place. You know you offer your clients nothing but the best, but you sometimes need to prove it in order to win new business. Your marketing team can put potential clients in front of... READ ARTICLE

How to Hire a Marketing Consultant

  You've decided to take the plunge. Whether because of a slow spell, a new competitor or just the need for a more focused strategy, you've weighed the options and decided it's time to hire a marketing consultant. Maybe you need a consultant to help write an important proposal, business plan... READ ARTICLE