Proposal Writing Training

Invest in Your Company’s Future

The Power of Persuasion

Business development efforts grow your company. And though growth initiatives may vary, pitching your capabilities and value proposition effectively and persuasively is always critical – especially true when it comes to proposal development.

A professionally written proposal that meets all RFP or RFQ requirements in the exact manner requested will ensure your company increases its chances of winning the contract.

However, crafting a response is not easy. It requires deft project management and proposal writing skills to ensure your company is presented as the best choice to deliver the product or service requested in the RFP or RFQ. It will require dedicated resources, time and leadership to ensure success.

If this isn’t in your company’s wheelhouse, or you know there is room for improvement, a trustworthy training firm like Outsource Marketing can provide your team with targeted training. We will share our clear and structured approach to proposal development, informed by research and industry best practices, setting you up to respond confidently. Our training will meet several learning objectives, from finding and evaluating RFP opportunities to our five-step process for authoring a compelling, visually-engaging proposal.

Skill Up to Win

Proposal writing is WORK. Everyone on your team already has a full plate, and their job descriptions do not include proposal writing. So now what?

This predicament is not unusual, as many companies do not have dedicated proposal managers or writers on staff to focus on proposals. This means leadership must first sell the value of the RFP or RFQ opportunity to a team and ensure the right people allocate adequate time to building the RFP response.

There will inevitably be some internal challenges, but providing RFP training to selected team members can help alleviate resistance. It will provide your employees with the skills and training to respond more effectively and efficiently to RFPs and RFQs in the future.

Ultimately, being better at responding to proposals will significantly impact the success and growth of your company. It can help you win new business, elevate your brand, build stronger client relationships, and stay competitive.

Here’s How We Can Help

Having responded to over 600 RFPs and RFQs and boasting an impressive win rate, we have flexed our proposal chops successfully time and again on behalf of clients. And we can share what we’ve learned with you.

From tender selection and evaluation to defining proposal win themes and writing and designing compelling responses, we are uniquely positioned to train and prepare your team members so they can help you win business through procurement opportunities.

Let Us Teach You

Our RFP training and proposal writing workshops can benefit any company looking to enhance their win rates regardless of whether they have developed proposals before or if they hope to one day.

We love working with engaged and motivated clients looking to grow their businesses through formal procurement avenues and through unsolicited proposal submissions. In both cases, improving proposal processes and writing skills will deliver tangible benefits – increased revenue, enhanced reputation, better collaboration and improved job satisfaction.

We offer three levels of customizable RFP training, virtually or in person, which cover all critical training objectives:

Level 1

In this introductory course, we provide coaching on where to find RFP opportunities, how to evaluate them vis-à-vis your company’s strengths and market position and our five-step process for developing a winning proposal.

Level 2

This level targets process improvement, understanding the evaluation process and applying Outsource Marketing’s best practices to author clear, concise responses and professionally structured content to garner a maximum score and propel the reader to action.

Level 3

Our final RFP training course focuses on designing a document that presents information in a professional, visually compelling manner. We discuss the importance of employing consistent design templates for resumes and incorporating diagrams, infographics, and images to enhance your storytelling and distinguish your response from others.

Short-Handed Means Never Short-Listed

If you have ever been deterred from responding to an RFP or RFQ because the task is too daunting or you’ve failed in the past because you do not have the resources and skills in-house to craft a winning proposal, then consider skilling up.

Investing in professional development makes business sense and benefits your employees. The ROI will speak for itself. Your team will be empowered, engaged and determined to apply their new proposal writing skills to winning a contract.

It IS Worth the Effort

Writing a successful proposal is a complex undertaking calling on specific expertise, research, writing, communication and a clear strategic vision. We also understand that competition can be fierce.

In order to put your best foot forward, start by setting up your team for success and competitive advantage. Provide them with the necessary training to improve their proposal writing skills. This will build both confidence and expertise, ensuring you are ready to act on the next RFP opportunity.

Another Arrow in Your Quiver

Do you want to master proposal writing so you can win more business? If so, we are here to help.

We offer three customizable training solutions to enhance your proposal efforts and boost win rates. We will share our structured approach to proposal writing and development based on best practices, research, and extensive expertise. Set your company up for RFP success — inquire today.

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