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Are Your Looking For a Business Plan Writing Service?

Our business plan writing service is your solution if you need to raise money for your small to medium-sized business. Whether you are just starting or preparing to expand in a new direction, your company needs capital. Without adequate funding, it’s impossible to turn an idea into a new, tangible reality.

A professional business plan clearly outlines a viable path to success. It serves as the first impression to lenders and potential investors, providing detailed information on how the business venture will succeed and why investing in it is a wise move rather than a risky proposition. Working with a business writing consultant ensures that your business proposal provides potential lenders with precisely what they’re looking for as they tick off the boxes on their loan approval checklist.

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Business Plan Writer

After investing so much of yourself, it can be challenging to step back and evaluate a new business idea objectively. An experienced business plan consultant, however, can quickly spot any flaws or weaknesses in your plan. Their skilled advice can tweak a plan so that it’s more likely to receive funding and more apt to succeed in the marketplace.

Our business plan writers perfect business plans so well because it’s all they do. After writing plan after plan for clients, our business planning experts know precisely what works and doesn’t. They also have the time to focus on writing a business plan in a way that business leaders often don’t.

A business plan is the foundation of your company. As an entrepreneur and business leader, you owe it to yourself and your commercial dreams to lay the best groundwork possible. Investing in a solid plan can generate massive returns throughout the life of your business.

What a Successful Business Plan Looks Like

Our business plan writing service produces professionally formatted documents that persuasively communicate the strengths of your idea. It’s also essential to show potential lenders and investors that, as a leader, you understand that things sometimes go wrong and that you have the experience and expertise to take corrective action when necessary.


Every plan produced by our business plan writing service includes the following:

  • Executive Summary
  • Business Overview
  • Product/Service Description
  • Business and Revenue Model
  • Markets and Competition
  • Sales and Marketing Plan
  • Human Resources Plan
  • Operating Plan
  • Risks and Mitigation Strategies
  • Financial Plan

Choosing the Right Business Plan Consultant

A business plan requires strong writing skills and an understanding of what makes a new business idea thrive. It requires a business plan writer who can create compelling and authoritative statements that strategically communicate what a business will deliver.

Our team provides clients with a business plan consultant with extensive experience across multiple industries and markets. More than just good writers, our team includes business planning professionals with extensive, first-hand experience in senior leadership roles.

About Your Outsource Marketing
Business Plan Expert

Our lead business planning expert earned a BA in Economics at Western University, an MBA from McGill University and an International Business Degree from the Stockholm School of Economics. In addition to his educational training, he has 30 years of real-world marketing, sales, strategy and business development experience with some of North America’s leading firms.

He gained these skills while working in multiple industries, including aerospace, transportation, clean-tech, and architecture, among others.

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