Business Proposals

Separate yourself from the pack

How to Get Noticed

Business proposals — also known as unsolicited proposals — are how many business owners introduce and market themselves to potential clients. Unfortunately, many businesses send out a standard, generic document, overflowing with lots of words that do not say much — and hope the recipient will follow up. But they rarely do.

Our team knows that with business proposals, you only have one opportunity to make a compelling first impression. A professionally written business proposal will capture the attention of decision-makers and secure new clients for your company. It could be the difference between securing a new client and losing out on opportunity after opportunity to grow your firm.

Why Traditional Business Proposals Do Not Work

Most business proposals, those that fail to drive the prospect to act, share one or more of the following shortcomings – they:

  • Focus on you, the seller, rather than the client (i.e. the buyer)
  • Do not demonstrate a deep understanding of the client’s challenges (i.e. pain points) and aspirations
  • Focus on the external needs of the buyer, completely ignoring their more powerful, internal motivators
  • Do not clearly depict the pitfalls of not acting – or persuasively demonstrate the positive outcomes of acting – on your proposed solution
  • Lack case studies and testimonials that illustrate the value of your service
  • Do not speak the client’s language

In other words, they are not client-centric.

We Start by Understanding You and Your Business

We do things differently, and as a result, we will help you create a business proposal that will get your organization noticed by a lot more prospective customers. In our initial discovery meeting, we will take the time to learn about you, your business, and its competitors to determine how best to position your service offering.

We will also research your potential clients, their companies, and the pain-points your solution addresses. We will work with you to articulate your client’s problem, quantify the impact of not acting on it, and demonstrate that you have a viable solution – all in a language your potential client understands.

A Proven, Strategic and Unique Solution to Business Proposals

We then skillfully weave all these critical elements into a professionally designed proposal template that has been successfully used hundreds of times. Along the way, our team of professional marketing strategists, business writers and graphic designers take care of all the presentation details quickly and efficiently.

The result is a genuinely client-centric product that will dramatically boost your proposal’s chances of attracting the attention, and action, of key decision-makers.

Hundreds of Successful Business Proposals.
A Decade of Experience.

Writing a business proposal takes considerable time and effort on your part. If your business proposals are not bringing you new projects, it is time for a new approach. Having crafted hundreds of successful business proposals – solicited and unsolicited – we have the know-how to produce high quality, client-centric proposals that deliver results.

Preparing successful business proposals is what we do, and have been doing it well for over a decade. We have experience with nearly every sector of the economy, with deep expertise in business-to-business professional services.

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