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Over the past ten years, the team at Outsource Marketing has helped hundreds of small to medium-sized companies grow through professionally written proposals, compelling business plans, and lead nurturing content.

We are focused on serving the strategic and tactical business writing needs of B2B firms across a wide range of industries, including architecture, engineering, construction, financial services, healthcare, social services, security, technology and transportation. We’ve developed the knowledge, expertise and skills essential to helping grow Canada’s service-based organizations.

What makes us unique? Apart from being experts in business writing that wins projects, secures funding, and converts prospects into customers, we invest the time necessary to get to know our clients’ businesses – inside and out. We are fast learners. This knowledge is essential to crafting and executing effective marketing and sales content.


Architectural proposals should be skillfully written, expressing complicated concepts in language that represents your brand and is understandable to readers. The design should also be bold and inspirational, demonstrating the experience, personnel, and methodologies that have helped your business succeed.

Outsource Marketing has been providing proposal building for architecture firms for over ten years. Our experience gives us a distinctive viewpoint on effectively producing convincing architectural proposals.


Our team of proposal writers and graphic designers helps engineering firms win valuable projects and secure exciting new clients with bold, precise, and visually compelling submissions.

Engineering proposals must walk a delicate tightrope – balancing the need to accurately reflect a firm’s technical expertise without confusing or intimidating the reader. Our writers will help you translate your strengths and successes into easy-to-understand terms and clarify your firm’s suitability.


Construction and project management proposals must convey a great deal of information succinctly. From the processes your firm uses to manage projects to your implementation of value engineering, each submission must communicate a clear vision of how you and your client will succeed.

Our writers can help you convey what makes your team successful and how you construct value for your clients – from project initiation through completion.


We recognize that healthcare and medical services proposals are almost in response to an RFP issued by the public sector or a publicly-funded organization – demonstrating compliance is mission-critical.

A successful healthcare proposal requires much time, energy, and, crucially, a critical assessment of past efforts to communicate your qualifications. Give your proposals a shot in the arm by implementing our extensive list of proposal best practices.

Our team of proposal experts, writers, and designers will help you create a bid that addresses every bid requirement and position your firm as a leader in its field.


Writing a technology proposal can be a daunting undertaking. Our team of tech-savvy proposal writers and graphic designers support IT, and technology consultants win new, interesting engagements with intelligent, professional, visually communicative submissions.

Responding to a technology proposal can be a complex, demanding endeavour. To win, your firm must have the ideal systems, processes, and technologies and understand the client’s environment and the needs and objectives of end-users. Technology proposals must convey your firm’s expertise and explain the sophistication of your technical solution without confusing the layperson.

Executive Recruiting

The battle for talent shows no signs of ending. As more organizations turn to recruiters for help, executive search firm are turning to us to position their brand better, better communicate their systems, processes and personnel, and win large engagements with professionally written proposals.

Your organization has built its reputation on finding the most qualified new hires for organizations in increasingly competitive industries. Your proposals must speak to the calibre of your network and your firm’s comprehensive recruitment methodology and communicate the value proposition only your firm can deliver.

Social Services

We take great pride in helping organizations whose mission is to help others. Our team of proposal professionals helps social services providers win important projects that serve the needs of society’s most vulnerable with thoughtful, engaging, and visually expressive proposals.

Social services proposals are almost always issued by a government agency, not-for-profit, or community-based organization. You must ‘tick every box’ and address each requirement individually, providing the level of detail and support documentation requested. Let us help demonstrate that your firm is committed to building thriving communities and supporting those that need your services most.

Financial Services

A winning financial services tender requires more than a thorough understanding of the proposed scope of work and diligently responding to every requirement.

Preparing a financial services proposal needs a persuasive win strategy. The responses to every question must speak to the client’s concerns and highlight your firm’s in-depth experience, strengths and capabilities to solve their most vexing financial challenges. Your processes and methodologies must be described clearly, concisely, and supported by graphics to enhance reader comprehension.

Security and Parking Enforcement

Articulating the strengths of your security and parking services with compelling and engaging content will dramatically improve your chances of success. Start emphasizing what makes you different from your competitors and create a proposal that sells.

Responding to a security-consulting RFP can be a daunting undertaking. Security and parking services are essential services to organizations of every size and market sector. Proposals for these services must be of the highest standards. Whether proposing to a new or existing client, you must always project your firm as a reputable and established brand.