Content Marketing FAQs

What’s content marketing? Content marketing is a way to educate and build relationships with your target audience. Usually, this involves producing educational or entertaining content designed to provide your target customer with value. Planning, creating, and distributing content requires engaging and establishing trust. It can be a highly cost-effective way of achieving long-term marketing and […]

Content Marketing – The Buyer’s Journey, Lead Nurturing and Beyond

The Buyer’s Journey, Lead Nurturing and Beyond Content marketing is the process of producing valuable content that educates and informs. The material can be produced in many different formats, including blog posts, videos, eBooks, webinars or white papers – to name just a few. The key is to enlighten and explain a subject of interest […]

Why the Marketing of Professional Services is Different

The marketing of professional services is dramatically different from other products or services. It is psychological and much more personal. Traditional marketing and sales models characterize the purchase process as a special form of rational decision-making or problem-solving. It follows a sequence like: establish credentials, uncover needs, explore implications, propose solutions, and close the sale. […]

When to Hire a Marketing Consultant

When to hire a marketing consultant is a question on the minds of many business owners and leaders. You started your own business to make money for yourself rather than padding someone else’s pockets. You then swiftly learned more about business overhead than you ever wanted to know and quickly sought ways to lower yours. […]