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Looking for Local Content Marketing Services?

As a Vancouver content marketing services provider, we offer a broad range of services, including content strategy, creation, optimization, maintenance and reporting.

Content marketing may be the competitive advantage your company needs. Blogs, case studies and email marketing are all examples of content marketing that can help produce new leads for your business and nurture existing prospects.

As a content marketing agency, we’ve seen first hand the results it delivers. Consider the following, and decide for yourself:

  • Content marketing generates three times more leads than outbound marketing
  • Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional outbound marketing
  • Websites that produce content regularly receive eight times more traffic
  • Small businesses that maintain a blog generate 126% more lead growth

Marketing Strategy

Our content marketing services begin with a plan, one that connects your business with buyers at every stage along their buying journey. We work to understand your customers pain points. Why? So we can produce engaging content that motivates action.  

Well also create a timeline outlining which pieces of content will be developed, published, and refreshed to deliver consistent and reliable leadgenerating results for your business.   

Content Creation

Creating new content is one of the most challenging aspects of content marketing. It’s time-consuming and requires skills you or your team may not possess.

Effective content marketing requires seasoned writers, experienced graphic designers, and individuals with a deep understanding of your organization, industry and competitors.

Our specialized writers and graphic designers are skilled at creating all types of content, including blogs, e-books, email newsletters, guides, videos, opinion posts, infographics, white papers, video blogs, or vlogs, surveys, research papers, quizzes, polls, podcasts and press releases.

Optimization and Distribution

Content only has value to your business if it attracts visitors to your website. Email marketing, social media marketing and digital advertising are a few tools we use to ensure your content is highly visible and pulling prospective customers to your website.

We also deploy Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices, keyword research and competitor analysis to ensure your content gets seen by your target market.

Maintaining your contents’ digital visibility is an ongoing process, one that involves a variety of tools, technologies and metrics. These metrics inform future marketing decisions, telling us what is working well and where adjustments are required.


It’s vital that you monitor the success of your content marketing program. It begins by defining success.

Do you want to double website visitors per month? Do you improve click-through rates of your email marketing program by 20%? Are you trying to generate 30% more leads during the next quarter?

Once we know the destinations, we will develop a plan to get us there. We will analyze the data along the way and provide suggestions on how to tweak and improve results from your content marketing program.

We’re Ready to Help

Located in South Surrey, Outsource Marketing is your local content marketing services provider. We have clients throughout BC, including Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

Contact us today to discuss your content marketing goals. Within a few days, we will deliver a plan that satisfies both your goals and budget.

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