Outsource’s 21-Point Proposal Check-Up

Have you ever wished that you could be a fly on the wall during a Proposal Evaluation?  Have you ever wondered how your submission compares to others? Have you ever wondered if your proposal will be memorable?  At Outsource Marketing, we have prepared and seen hundreds of submissions.  With a current 92% shortlist success rate on Statement of Qualification submissions and 80% on proposal awards, we are well versed in the proposal process. We have literally prepared in excess of 500 proposal submissions.  If your success rate is below 50%, it might be time for a Proposal Check-Up… 

Outsource Marketing has developed a 21-Point Proposal Check-Up Tool to guide our clients through the various elements of a successful proposal.  From the front cover to the back cover, our checklist will ensure you have captivated your audience and clearly communicated a compelling Win Strategy.  The old days of cutting and pasting content into proposals are long gone.  In a highly competitive market, your proposal must be project-specific and tailored to speak to your client.  Sitting at a table waiting to be evaluated, your submission needs to stand out from your competitors and answer the question “Why” a client should select your firm.

In order for your proposal to be memorable, you first need to know your audience and their Hot Buttons.  By using their language and terminology, you will already have captured their attention.  The next step is to tell them a good story that will resonate with positive vibes about your team.  If you have experience working on similar projects to theirs, tell them how you overcame challenges and how you added value to the end product.  There are challenges even with small-scale projects, but your audience will be interested to learn how you provided innovative solutions.  Knowing you have successfully overcome challenges in the past provides them with the confidence to select your team.

Don’t just say it…prove it.  It is easy to say that your firm is the best and that you can deliver on your promises. However, it is far more believable if you can actually prove it with quantifiable data.  If your firm has completed 95% of your projects on time and within budget, your proposal is the best medium to share these statistics. Be confident and brag about your results…just have the data to back up your claims!

Outsource Marketing’s 21-Point Proposal Check-Up will guide you through the proposal development from the front cover to the back and the content, key messaging, and graphic design in between. The end result should maximize your evaluation points and capture your audience. 

Call us today to learn more about our 21-Point Proposal Check-Up and how we can increase your proposal evaluation points. Or visit our 21-Point Proposal Check-Up Services page.